Wrangler opens biggest PH boutique in Limketkai Center

Mar 29, 2015


*Photos by Shaun Alejandrae Yap Uy


The iconic American jeans denim brand Wrangler branch has opened its biggest boutique store in the Philippines at the 2nd level of Limketkai Center, Cagayan de Oro City.

According to Joanna Antonette “Toni” L. Wong, boutique operations manager, the Wrangler Limketkai Center boutique is 155 square meters of space and includes the only “denim bar” among its six stores in Mindanao with a duly-trained “denim mechanic” who can make needed alterations on the spot for new jeans buyers as well as for those wanting to revamp their old Wranglers with a new look.

“We also have a special treat for those visiting our bar and boutique,” Ms. Toni quipped. “It’s our special brand of coffee we can brew to your taste!”

So besides the admittedly great tasting coffee, what else can the visitor expect for visiting the country’s biggest Wrangler boutique?

“We have the biggest variety of styles and products you can choose from,” said Ms. Toni as she brought us around the excellently designed and laid-out store. “Besides our traditional jeans, Wrangler is now a complete outfitter who can dress you up from head to foot with our new lines including socks and underwear imported from abroad.”

For its traditional jeans products alone, Wrangler probably now offers the widest variety of styles from the classic Wrangler jeans from the classic straights now available in limited edition collections to the newest jeggings, leggings, skinny jeans, tubes and shorts for both men and women.

Dresses, tees and tops, blouses and tunics, sweater and cardigans, pants and shorts, you can now have most if not all of their extensive line to choose from their store located in the 2nd floor of the Limketkai Center that’s conveniently located near the main entrance and a short walk from Shopwise.

In parting, Ms. Toni shared with us a tip for making your jeans smell and feel fresh even if you’ve worn it three times already (or more, as is more the case with men who don’t give a second thought to wearing the same pair for a month).

“Put it in the freezer soon as you reach home and the cold will kill all bacteria in your jeans,” she advises. “Defrost in the morning soon as you’re up and presto! All fresh and ready to go?”

No kidding? Only one way to find out. Although Wrangler does have jeans which are silver treated and smell good even after extended wear.

So what will it be for you? A new Wrangler or the freezer?


*Photos by Shaun Alejandrae Yap Uy

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