Tapping the Power of the Past as a Force of the Future

Feb 8, 2018



XU’s Amir takes up PMAP CDO Mantle


The new leadership of the Cagayan de Oro Chapter of the People Management Association of the Philippines has adopted “Power of the Past-Force of the Future” as this year’s theme.

PMAP-CDO 2017 President Vivien Lawansa's turns over the gavel and presidency to 2018 President Sol Amir

PMAP-CDO 2017 President Vivien Lawansa’s turns over the gavel and presidency to 2018 President Sol Amir


“I am using the power of the past, the foundations that were established by past Boards to build a stronger PMAP-CDO home, a force that people will have to reckon with for the future,” said Ma. Soledad dela Fuente-Amir, PMAP Cagayan de Oro Chapter President during the formal induction of new officers, members of the board of trustees and new members held Feb.2nd at the Sinamay Function Room of Seda Centrio.

“We are moving towards the future with our baon: a healthy bank account, well-organized operations, and a new set of PMAP-passionate Board of Trustees,” she added. “Hence, our 2018 theme: “Power of the Past – Force of the Future”


“PMAP-CDO is a nine-time Chapter of the Year awardee and most recently, a Presidential Awardee,” Ms. Amir noted. “We have a proud past and an exciting future.”

Present during the well attended event were PMAP National President Michelle Garcia, 2017 Chapter President Vivien Lawansa, Past PMAP-CDO Presidents, Vice President Josette Cellona, Members of the BOT, Committee Chairs, Guests, Ms. Amir’s HR partners in Xavier Ateneo, fellow PMAPers and the eight new Inductee-Members.

PMAP 2018 National President Michelle Garcia interacts with PMAP CDO members during her talk

PMAP 2018 National President Michelle Garcia interacts with PMAP CDO members during her talk


In referring to the Chapter’s proud past, Ms. Amir cited IPP Lawansa’s achievements, notably, the establishment of the Council of Past Presidents, their baby chapter PMAP-Zamboanga del Norte and tie-ups with the Asian Institute of Human Resource Management and Xavier University for the Diploma on Human Resource Management (DHRM). Another project is the PMAP store under VP Josette Cellona which will showcase products of interested members and HR books by local authors such as Atty. Josephus B. Jimenez.

She also cited the legacy left by the chapter’s past presidents who now compose the Council of Past Presidents: Dulce Esperon, Precy Capitan, Joy Gogo, Jojo Ortiz, May Bergado, Josephine Go, and Liezl Deloso who are now in the Council of Past Presidents. 

“We are aligned with Pres. Michelle’s direction to level-up through collaboration, innovation, and sustainability,” Ms. Amir said, referring to the National PMAP.  “So while we continue to build on our strengths, we take on new directions in addition to our regular meetings, trainings, anniversary, fellowship, CSR and X’mas Party.”


To build a stronger network, Ms. Amir said the chapter aims to promote synergy by grouping members according to their respective sectors during meetings to promote internal collaboration and networking. In addition, all meetings would have a Help Desk to assist members with their queries and concerns. 

Charging of PMAP-CDO officers led by 2018 Chapter Pres Sol Amir (4th from right)

Charging of PMAP-CDO officers led by 2018 Chapter Pres Sol Amir (4th from right)


“Collaboration with your fellow PMAPers will increase since we will have 4 members per committee so that will be 4 members x 7committees=28 plus 10 officers & Board Members + 8 CoPP members = 46,” she explained. “With 90 members, this means, half of you will be actively collaborating.  This will also train more of you for future PMAP leadership roles.”

On top of synergy among members of the same industry sector, the chapter will also set up a Benchmarking Platform designed to exchange best practices. Three local benchmarking events have been scheduled for 2018 by Trustee Bambie Espiritu.

Externally, the new Council of Presidents will handle collaborations with TESDA, Go Negosyo, DOLE Safety, and schools for JPMAP.

To sustain these initiatives, the chapter will reactivate the Mentoring Program set up in 2016 by PP Jojo Ortiz.

“The mentoring will be more structured and will culminate with certificate awarding during our X’mas Party,” Ms. Amir said. “Mentors in the 5 areas of HR are now available:  Talent Acquisition, Industrial Relations with Union & without Union; Performance Management, Occupational Safety & Standards.   This is gratis, a free service for you.”

Induction of PMAP-CDO Officers by PMAP National President Michelle Garcia

Induction of PMAP-CDO Officers by PMAP National President Michelle Garcia


Another project is the PMAP store under VP Josette Cellon which will showcase products of interested members and HR books by local authors such as JBJ.

“As per Pres. Michelle: We are thought leaders, bring new ideas. and create new things,” Ms. Amir noted.

PMAP-CDO will update its Mission/Vision to bring into fruition the best practices learned during their benchmarking with the Hong Kong Institute of Human Resources Management.

Branding PMAP-CDO

To raise public awareness and recall, the chapter will actively promote brand awareness and recognition by projecting a uniform look when communicating meetings, seminars, and programs, so when Kagay-anons think of HR, they would automatically think of PMAP-CDO.

In addition, PP Jojo Ortiz will fine tune the content of the chapter’s mission/vision for its new website: PMAP-CDO.org. The website would eventually become the preferred interface for PMAPers and the public who seek information about PMAP, its members, and the latest on HR.

Revisiting committees

Not the least, PMAP-CDO has renamed the Professional Development Committee as Leadership & Development to expand its activities and provide opportunities to increase members’ personal and professional competence and knowledge. L&D Comm will handle both mentoring and benchmarking programs in addition to the regular trainings/seminars.

An Information Communication Technologies Committee has also been created to help modernize chapter operations, handle the website, and actively help members embrace the digital disruption.

“Your chapter will literally embrace digital disruption and automate day-to-day operational processes.  Your trustees will innovate, will work smarter, but not necessarily harder,” Ms. Amir explained. “For instance, our Treasurer is now using an app to manage our finances.”

Trustees and Committee Chairs will share a joint PMAP-CDO email account to be on the same page instantly and be able to work without the hassle of texting, calling, and going the extra mile to coordinate work. Trustees with also share access to an online directory of members for easy eblasting. 

The chapter is also moving to a new office address at Uno Bldg, Apolinar Velez St., three blocks from Seda Centrio, our 2018 meeting venue.

Giving Back

In line with PMAP National President Michelle Garcia’s mandate to give back to members and the community, PMAP-CDO will give back through its well-curated HR Insider e-newsletter that will feature HR News, market info, and trends and not just mere chapter event updates. Members will also enjoy the benefit of a Q&A e-forum on Industrial Relations to be handled by IPP Vivien Lawansa.

PMAP-CDO Chapter 2018 Pres Sol Amir with husband Moshe

PMAP-CDO Chapter 2018 Pres Sol Amir with husband Moshe


“We want to provide CPD units to those attending our trainings and seminars and hence we will apply for CPD accreditation with PRC this year. Not the least, we will give back to the community and help PMAP’s AIHRM (Asian Institute of Human Resource Management) and Xavier Ateneo by recruiting lecturers as well as students.”

“I absolutely believe in the big role that PMAP plays in our careers,” Ms. Amir stressed. “I will serve PMAP-CDO and do what I can to ensure that the same opportunities are made available to you in the same way they were made available to me thousands of years ago when I was working in Marketing.”

She also committed to continue programs that strengthen professionalism – through education, training, opportunities, assistance and other resources.

“However, I cannot succeed unless I have your support and cooperation,” she said. “Please get involved, join the committees for PMAP-CDO to have a positive impactful influence in your careers.

“In closing, I would like to thank Grace Maniquiz, my HR partner in Xavier Ateneo, she heads HR operations, and my hunk of a husband Moshe Amir, who graciously lets me devote a lot of time to PMAP.


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