Suples Bulgarian Bag: The Next Gen of Functional Fitness Equipment

Apr 24, 2018

by Coach Noel Villa


Are you an active individual or a fitness Coach who is always on the lookout for new ways to workout? Or are you still looking for a reason to start a physically fit lifestyle? Whatever physical state you are right now, keep on reading as we feature the next generation of functional training equipment in the market today.


If you are looking for a highly effective total body workout that uses a simple, safe, durable and portable equipment, then the Bulgarian Bag is your best investment.

What is the Suples Bulgarian Bag?


The Suples Bulgarian Bag is designed in 2005 by former Olympic wrestling athlete and now Coach Ivan Ivanov in his home coutry of Bulgaria. Being an experienced world class athlete, he designed a practical equipment that can commit to a powerful and functional training and protocols to a total body workout. Originally created for muscular endurance training and for exercises that are similar to wrestling throws and techniques, the Bulgarian Bag is now dubbed the next era of functional training in the fitness industry. It has increased its popularity amongst elite athletes due to its functionality that allows them to move in all three planes of motion during a single movement.


What are the features of the Suples Bulgarian Bag?


In designing the Suples Bulgarian Bag, Coach Ivanov wanted an interesting functional tool not only for combat athletes but for fitness enthusiasts who are looking for new functional training tools to build strength and energy every day. It is also designed to dynamically train both upper and lower body muscles while simultaneously building muscle memory for instinctual reaction and performance. Lastly, the Bulgarian Bag is designed to be uniquely simple, safe, durable and with maximum portability.


What are the advantages of training with the Suples Bulgarian Bag as opposed to other exercise or training equipment?


The Bulgarian Bag strengthens and increases the muscular endurance of the grip, wrist, arms, shoulders, back, legs and rotational muscles. It mimics natural movements plus movements that cannot be duplicated with any other tool allowing athletes to train while covering all planes of motion during a single movement, aiding in building core musculature, coordination and improving overall shoulder and joint mobility. Because of its shape, material and construction, the Suples Bulgarian Bag can be used to develop quickness and agility in ways which solid iron weights and circuit machines cannot.


Also after a cardio vascular exercise and weight training, the body continues to need oxygen at a higher rate than before the exercise began. High intensity bouts of exercise with the Bulgarian Bag increase metabolic rates higher than traditional weight training and cardio vascular activity because the exercise includes both weight training and fast dynamic movement resulting an increase in your aerobic and anaerobic performance. Just make sure to train using the authentic Suples Bulgarian Bag to get the best benefits.


Who should use the Suples Bulgarian Bag and how can they access the trainings?


The Suples Bulgarian Bag truly is for everyone and it is a training equipment for people from all walks of life. From Elite athletes ( Wrestling, Jujitsu, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Body Building or Bikini Physique competitors, Tri athletes and other strength and endurance sports) to recreational sports (Tennis, Golf, Rugby, Basketball, Volleyball and Soccer) as it allows you to generate power while training with full core activation. It is also a fantastic tool for personal trainers with clients who are looking to reduce body fat or loose weight as it guarantees to burn the excess calories and improve movement. Even kids can train with the Suples Bulgarian Bag for strength and conditioning!

What are the added benefits of completing a Bulgarian Bag Training Workshop?

Bulgarian Bag Training Workshop is REPs and NASM – approved. Participants who have completed the training and online exam shall receive internationally accepted Accreditation Certificate.


Train with Suples Bulgarian Bag now and be the best version of yourself!


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“If it doesn’t say Suples, It’s not a Bulgarian Bag” Ivan Ivanov.




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