RI District 3870 Membership Drive off to good start

Aug 10, 2014



Rotary International District 3870’s drive to attain a 15 percent increase in membership is off to a good start with over 300 participants attending the District Strategic Planning & District Membership Seminar held 26 July, 2014 at a local hotel in Cagayan de Oro City.


“A total of 306 Rotarians joined our membership seminar which is bigger than the two previous discons (district conventions) we had,” noted Manuel U. Along, district governor. “Some 90 percent of the district’s 44 clubs were represented.”


PDG Jun Farcon inducts the new members as PDG Oyan Villanueva and PDG Bing Juarez look on


Basic to Rotary International President Gary C. K. Huang’s agenda to “Light Up Rotary” this Rotary Year is to increase membership.


“This is most basic and elementary because more Rotarians make it possible for RI to increase the number and scope of its engagements in other areas which necessitates the presence and commitment of warm bodies,” he said. “Thus, first and foremost, as your District Governor for RI District 3870, I would like to challenge the clubs in the districts increase their membership by 15 percent.”


The Distinguished Panel of Speakers pose for posterity with the host RC of Cagayan de Oro East Urban


Even more important and urgent, he stressed the need to retain the present members.


“Although we’ve been harping on recruiting members and how to retain them, we have these Rotarians who’ve been in Rotary for so long, who can serve as Role Models for us to look up to.


He cited Charter Members Jack Frias and Leonie Go of the RC of Cagayan de Oro East established in 1971 who remain active until today, 43 years later. Two others, Nandie Mejia, 85 and Conrad Fabe, 84, remain active members of the club.


PDG Oyan Villanueva charges the new members slated for induction


“In the Rotary Club of West CDO, we have Cocoy Velez who is their charter president and still going strong after the June 23, 1970 chartering of their club. That’s 44 years ago!”


For her part, PDG Fe “Bing” Juarez, District Trainer and Assistant Rotary Coordinator, Zone 7 cited the importance of planning, and the concomitant preparation, that would spell the difference between success or mediocrity


DG Manny Along hands a Certificate of Appreciation to PDG Ed Alvarez as PDG Bing Juarez and IP Conchitina Borja of the host RC Club of CDO East Urban look on


“In order to have a successful year, we have to choose to prepare, as in having a well-planned club planning assembly, strategic moves for recruitment and retention of members, and promoting our organization and its advocacies thus increasing our membership,” she added.


The event’s distinguished panel of speakers included Rotary Coordinator PDG Rolando “Oyan” Villanueva (Zone 7A) and his team:  PDG Virgilio “Jun” Farcon, Chair of the Philippine College of Rotary Governors; PP Michael “Mike” Macatangay, PP Ramon “Mon” Dacayo, and PP Raymond “Rayms” Ciriaco.


DG Manny Along and PDG Rhia Rita Abalos with our distinguished panel of speakers


Also lending their expertise were PDG Eduardo “Ed” Alvarez, Rotary Public Image Coordinator and PDG Samuel “Sam” Fontanilla, Chair, District Membership Committee.


 “Somebody rightfully said, if we plan together, we succeed together,” PDG Bing added.


The Rotary International District 3870 of the Philippines is composed of the Clubs located in the north central regions of Mindanao. The District includes all clubs based in Bukidnon, Misamis Oriental, Lanao del Norte, Lanao del Sur, North Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao and Camiguin. 


In his membership status report, DG Manny reported there were 44 clubs at present of which three were new (Iligan East, Metro M’lang, Central Jasaan).  Over the last 5 years, the district membership fluctuated between a low of 1,034 (July 2011) and a high of 1,252 (July 2012).


Club demographics show the bulk of its membership (43% or 19 clubs) has 26-50 members with another 21% having 11-25 members.


Under the membership plan for Rotary Year 2014-2014 presented by PDG Samuel “Sam” Fontanilla, chair, District Membership Committee, the district is aiming for at least a 15% net gain in membership from the previous RY.


PDG Oyan Villanueva speaks on the The Battle for Relevance


In specific numbers, this means increasing the district’s present membership of 1,240 Rotarians by 217 new Rotarians in its four zones to 1,457 by the end of the current Rotary Year.


As specific targets, the district is looking to bring back to charter strength clubs whose present membership are below this level.


“Clubs with 5-15 Rotarians must increase to 20 Rotarians,” PDG Sam said. “Clubs with 16-19 Rotarians must post a net gain of at least 5 Rotarians.”


Clubs with a roster of 20-29 must post a net gain of 5, clubs with 30-39 members increase by at least 4 Rotarians while those with 40-49 members should add at least 3 more. Not the least, clubs with rosters of 50 and above must increase by at least 2 members.


On top of this, RI District 3870 also aims to organize three new clubs.


Among the strategies and “Best Practices” presented by PDG Sam in his presentation included the “Balik Rotary Program”, attracting more women and younger Rotarians, keeping Rotarians engaged and adopting “Signature Projects”.


PDG Jun Farcon makes his presentation on Attracting & Training Young Members


Others include “Undertaking Few but High Impact Projects,” making Rotary more affordable, more fellowship, keeping the family of Rotary involved, and a 100% SAR Payment Remittance in the first three months of every semester.


To keep the public and membership up to date in club and district activities, the Monthly Membership Attendance Report (MMAR) should be published in the Governor’s Monthly Letter (GML) and the Club Weekly and Monthly Attendance Reports published in the Weekly Club Bulletin, he added.


Early birds from the Rotary Club of Cagayan de Oro (Mother Club) with Pres. Luigi Sarraga (center)


“We all acknowledge that our district is in need of more Rotarians.  But as we invite prospective Rotarians to join our club, we should be upfront not only with the benefits of membership, but equally the obligations of Rotary membership,” PDG Bing noted. “Needless to say, we would not want half-baked Rotarians or Rotarians only in name and not much else. Our membership recruitment should be done properly.” (the author is the P.R.O. of the Rotary Club of Cagayan de Oro)



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