Propel Your Vision, Make An Impact: Serial Social Entrepreneur Bob Bare’s column in Business Week Mindanao

Jul 3, 2014



Through over 40 years of success and struggles in business, Bob has accumulated wisdom and earned the title Serial Social Entrepreneur. Because he believes that we can often learn as much from failure as from victory, he encourages others to be willing to take risks in pursuit of their dream. However, he adamantly insists that core values, friends and family should never be scarificed on the altar of success.



In 2011, Bob founded BestSelling Experts with a mission of amplifying other social entrepreneur’s messages thereby making the world a better place.

Bob is passionate about Vision, Innovation and Creativity.  He loves inspired ideas and original systems to turn them into reality.

As a former Rotary Club president, Bob applies the 4 Way Test  in all of his business endeavors:

1) Is it the truth?
2) Is it fair to all concerned?
3) Will it build good will and better friendships?
4) Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

With this in mind, Bob is not motivated by competition, but by collaboration, values, and integrity.  He thinks any organization or individual can have a great advantage by operating using the values expressed in the four way test as prerequisites to business deals and decisions.

Bob loves to teach, to help others in any positive venture, especially world changing ideas!

Browse his site to learn more about Bob, his book More Power!  An Entrepreneur’s Roadmap to Success, and his publishing and consulting services.

For books offered by SEGR Publishing, Bob’s publishing company, be sure to visit the SEGR Publishing Gallery

Excerpts from Bob’s book will be serialized in his column of the same name every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in Business Week Mindanao, the Philippine Press Institute’s (PPI) Civic Journalism Community Press “Best in Business and Economic Reporting” Awardee for 2013.

Copies of Bob Bare’s book “More Power” (hard bound) is for sale to BWM readers at a reduced price: P250.00 each (used to be P500 during its first printing) or for the electronic copy. Please bring a copy of this newspaper to the office is located at the back of Save More Capistrano, Pacana-Burgos Streets, Rm.18-B Tanleh Apartments.

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