Feb 22, 2014

by CDO Info Network


Strong support and cooperation among residents of Cagayan de Oro City is very essential for the effective and orderly implementation of the city’s traffic management programs.

This was stressed yesterday by City Mayor Oscar S. Moreno as he led the formal launching of the “Traffic Code-Compliant Divisoria Project” at the Kiosko Kagawasan.

Noting that some sectors of the society are opposing the salient features of the project, Mayor Moreno hoped that the critics would give the project ample time and chance to succeed.

Admitting that difficulties and failures may arise along the way, Mayor Moreno challenged the core group not to lose hope and succumbed to discouragement, citing that if we want to become successful, we must learn from our mistakes and strive to do it better the next time around.

During the launching ceremony, the Mayor lauded the initiative of the Task Force Hapsay Dalan and the volunteer groups such as Campaigners for Road Courtesy and Discipline, Communications Link for Emergency Assistance Network Inc. and Xavier University for making Divisoria as ‘model’ in the implementation of the city’s traffic management, focusing on three major components: engineering, education and enforcement.

The project mainly aims to implement some provisions of the Traffic Code of Cagayan de Oro, selecting Divisoria as pilot and showcase area. These provisions are the usage of pedestrian lanes and the application of anti-jaywalking, loading and unloading boxes (yellow boxes), parking areas (white boxes o’ white stripes), wheel clamps, trisikad, motorela zones, sidewalk obstructions, roadworthy motor vehicles, body number, authorized routes, sidewalk vending and street massage.

Starting on March 1, the project will be fully implemented, slapping violators with fines ranging from P500 up to P1,500 or charged with a community service.

City Councilors Zaldy Ocon, Roger Abaday and Bong Lao; along with TFHD Chairman Atty. Jose Edgardo ‘Egay’ Uy; Mr. Doy Ramiro, Chairman of CRCD; Mr. Marlon Libot, Chairman of CLEAN Inc.; ug Mr. Ermin Pimentel, Unit Head of XU- Kristohanong Katilingban sa Pagpakabana, City Hall department heads, police and barangay officials graced the event. (Ian Fuentes)

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