Own a Website, and Play with The “Big Boys” Without Any Sweat!

Jun 1, 2015


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The Next Big Thing

Everyone in the Philippines, and maybe even some people in foreign countries, know about Jollibee. Probably the most popular and widely franchised Filipino fast food chain, you see this red and yellow bee in nearly every city, barangay, municipality, etc.

There is no questioning how “healthy” Jollibee’s sales are. I mean, if you do not have a clear idea of where you want to eat out, there is a 50% chance you would end up eating in Jollibee. You could also end up eating in its sister companies like Chowking or Greenwich.

As big as Jollibee is though, it had humble beginnings as a simple ice cream parlor in 1975, and three years later the owner decided to start selling hot dogs. The original owner, Tony Tan, did this to cater to a larger market and ever since then Jollibee has grown exponentially.

All huge businesses start out small, so your little shop on the corner of the street can potentially become the next big business with the right marketing strategies. Yes, it is undoubtedly tougher to pit against big businesses these days, but there is a technique you can use to even out the business playing field.

This technique involves giving your brick and mortar or offline business its own online counterpart by building a website. In this modern age, owning a website is one of the most effective marketing methods for small and medium enterprises, giving them close to equal sales opportunities as big enterprises.


Why Should SMEs Have Their Own Website?

What is one of the first few things you do when you have a question or when you want to look for something like a certain product? You search online. What if you ask the person next to you and he does not know the answer? He tells you to “just Google it.”

In a study done by Google on Filipino Smartphone users, the statistics showed what these users most often search for online. Here are the numbers below:FilSME Newsletter_JUNE Infographics V1

● 67% look for product or service information

● 53% look for travel flights and bookings

● 51% look for job offers

● 49% look for restaurants and bars

● 38% look for housing offers

Aside from all those numbers though, here are more reasons why SMEs should have their own website:

● It establishes credibility. If you own a brick and mortar shop, owning a website will add more legitimacy to your brand. It gives off the idea that you are quite serious about your business that you would invest in a website to promote it online. Without a website, a customer who searches for your products or services will most likely go to a competitor who has a website. Take note though that the website, of course, has to have a professional design so it properly attracts customers.

● It provides 24/7 available information to customers and new contacts. What happens when you meet someone interested in your product or service? Are you going to have him keep ringing your phone just to get basic information on what you are selling? You can help save the hassle on his and your part by having a business website that contains all the basic or detailed information a customer may want to know. All he then need to do is call you to clarify or place an order, saving a lot of time for both of you! Websites do not close down like your shop does, it is open all the time to provide customers with the information they need!

● It gives your business more visibility. Compared to huge business enterprises, it is more challenging for small and medium enterprises to stop being invisible and say a big “HELLO! I’M HERE!” to the world. Other marketing strategies like TV or radio commercials can get you out there, but they require a big marketing budget most SMEs do not have. Remember that people these days usually search about a product or service first before purchasing, so use that to your advantage by putting up a website! When they type in and search your keyword, your website can show up on their search, meaning your website becomes more exposed to potential customers! Add the fact that you can put the address of your storefront on that website, and you open more chances of people visiting your store!


Time to Get Online!

Open your doors to more sales opportunities by having your own online portal for your business! We can help you out with our Filipino SME package, where we also offer local search optimization services to further boost your business’ online visibility! Call +63 8822 7451 31 today! Or visit www.filipinosme.com

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