Overseas Kagay-anon Hail Moreno victory

Jun 6, 2013


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Call for Citizens Council, restoration of Du-aw Park


Kagay-anons based in the United States have hailed the victory of outgoing Misamis Oriental Gov. Oscar S. Moreno as Cagayan de Oro’s New Mayor and have called for the creation of a new “Citizens Council” and the restoration of Duaw Park.


In an email from the US, three overseas Kagay-anon groups represented by Roy C. Gaane, emailed the following congratulatory letter:



And MINDANAO ALLIANCE – U.S.A. extend their heartfelt and sincerest congratulations to

Mayor OSCAR S. MORENO, Congressman RUFUS B. RODRIGUEZ and Congressman ROLANDO A. UY on their May 13, 2013 VICTORY  mandated and bestowed on them by the people of  CAGAYAN DE ORO of which we are a part either by birth, by blood, by affinity but mostly by love.”


“With your victory we are once more proud to be part of Cagayan de Oro, the Gateway to the Land of Promise, the City of Golden Friendship.”


Restoration of Duaw Park


Du-aw Kagay-an Marker

After the dismantling of the Philippine Marital Law, 120 Kagay-anons from the U.S. and Canada made a historic home-bound journey to Cagayan de Oro after years of self-exile in August 1987.  The event was called DUAW sa KAGAY-AN.


Inauguration of Duaw Park in 1987

“Then Mayor Ambing Magtajas proposed that the side of the old tennis court by the river bank across the City Hall be created as DUAW PARK.  We were there during the dedication and I had the honor of cutting the ribbon for the opening ceremony.  Within a year, walkways were paved and the park was turned into a beautiful garden with benches,” Gaane said.

Roy and Gerlou Gaane with former Mayor Ambing Magtajas at Du-aw Park in 1987


However, when Magtajas was no longer the mayor, Duaw Park was neglected.  Then Mayor Constantino Jaraula promised to restore Duaw Park but was never able to do it.  When Emano became the mayor for the last time, the Duaw park monument was removed and the whole place was destroyed.
“We the Kagay-anons abroad would like to see Mayor Moreno restore the park with the help of Congressmen Rufus Rodriguez and Klarex Uy.”


“We hope the park will be restored before May 2014 because that will be the month that we, the Kagay-anons abroad plan to make another DUAW sa KAGAYAN.”


Citizens Council for Good Governance


“Among the best moves of the late Mayor Justiniano R. Borja was the creation of a “Citizens’ Council for Good Governance” the members of which came from the civic sector that included Xavier University represented by Fr. William Nicholson, S.J. and Fr. William Masterson, S.J.”


“We would like to propose to Mayor Oscar Moreno with the help of Congressman Rufus Rodriguez and Congressman Klarex Uy to create a similar council  with members composed of the OCA Team candidates who did not make it to the Council along with at least 2 from the Managsilingan Ta and the presidents of the city’s 4 universities and Archbishop Antonio Ledesma, SJ.”


“But the new Mayor knows better. And the good Mayor knows what committees are to be formed.”


“We, the Kagay-anons of North America are at your service.”


Come to the 14th Kagay-anon International Tapok in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, July 25, 26, 27 and 28 and we will discuss this further.


The letter was signed by Roy C. Gaane, in behalf of Kagay-anon International.

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