Oro Karatekas garner 16 medals, 15 black belt passers

Sep 24, 2018


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The Southern Philippines Group (Mindanao) of the Japan Karate Association (Nihon Karate Kyokai) or JKA-NKK recently returned home following a fruitful campaign in the 1st JKA-NKK Philippines Inc. National Tournament and Dan Black Belt International Examination & Qualification held September 16, 2018 at the CPA Gym, Cebu International Port Complex, Sergio Osmeña Boulevard, New Reclamation Area, Cebu City.


The group won a total of 16 medals (4 gold, 7 silver, 5 bronze) in various categories: 8 medals in the Intermediate Girls/Boys category (blue/purple belts) with 2 Gold (Girls/Kata/Kumite), 4 Silver (Girls/Kata/Kumite, Women’s Kata/Kumite) and 2 Bronze(Boys Kumite/Girls Kata); 4 medals (2 silver (Kumite) 2 bronze (Kata, Kumite) in the Novice Girls/Boys Category (yellow/green belts) ; 3 medals (2 Gold (Women/Kumite) 1 Silver (Men/Kata) in the Advance men/women Category (brown) and 1 bronze in the Advance Men (black) category.


Intermediate Girls/Boys (blue/purple) : Racel Nathalie N. Cagulada  emerged as the most bemedalled karatekas of the delegation, winning two gold medals in Girl Teens Kata and Girl Teens Kumite to go with a bronze medal for Girls Teen Kata in the Advance Girl Teens Category.


Also turning out outstanding performances were Ann Katherine C. Gabor and Cherie K. Rubiato who both won a gold medal each in Women’s Kumite in the Advance Men/Women (Brown) Category.


Fifteen SPG karatekas also successfully passed their International Dan Examination and Qualifications: 7 for 1st Dan, 4 for 2nd Dan, 3 for 3rd Dan and 1 for 4th Dan.



On top of the group’s medals and successful Dan Examinations and Qualifications, they also marked the following achievements: John Mark Marquiño (3rd Dan) passed the International Examination and is now qualified as Instructor Class D;  Sensei Ernesto O. Naive passed the 4th Dan Black Belt International Examination conducted by world renowned examiners Shihan Fujikiyo Omura and Shihan Tomoyoki Aihara; and, Sensei Jose Mansueto A. Uy Ang has been appointed to represent Southern Philippines (Mindanao) as a member of the Board of Trustees in the corporate board of Japan Karate Association (Nihon Karate Kyokai) Philippines, Inc.


Sensei Ernesto O. Naive passed his 4th Dan Black Belt Int’l Exam held Sept. 16, 2018 at Cebu City, by examiners Shihan Fujikiyo Omura & Shihan Tomoyoki Aihara


John Mark Marquino passes the International Examination for Class D Instructor.


Following are the winners by category of the JKA-NKK Southern Group in the 1st JKA-NKK Philippines Inc. National Tournament held September 16, 2018 in Cebu City:


Novice Boys (yellow/green): Robert Alexander T. Mouer (Silver, Children’s Kumite) (Bronze, Children’s Kata); and Vince E. Lacar (Bronze, Children’s Kumite).


Robert Alexander T. Mouer (right) wins silver in the childrens kumite category and bronze in the children’s kata category.


Novice girls (yellow/green) : Raiza Joce F. Ardiente (Silver, Girls Teens Kumite).


Cedrick Maverick U. Dadulas wins a bronze medal in the boys teen kumite category

Intermediate Girls/Boys (blue/purple) : Racel Nathalie N. Cagulada (Gold, Girl Teens Kata), (Gold, Girl Teens Kumite);  Artcherry May V. Dawa (Silver, Women’s Kata), (Silver, Women’s Kumite); Tobie Renee R. Caburatan (Silver, Girl Teens Kata), (Silver, Girl Teens Kumite) ; and Cedrick Maverick U. Dadulas (Bronze, Boy Teens Kumite).


Racel Nathalie N. Cagulada (left) wins a bronze for kata in the advance teen girls category & golds in the girls teen kata and kumite category.


Racel Nathalie N. Cagulada also garnered another Bronze for Girl Teens Kata in  the Advance Girl Teens (brown/black).


Ann Katherine C. Gabor (center) wins gold in the advanced women’s kumite category


Advanced Men/Women (Brown): Ann Katherine C. Gabor (Gold, Women’s Kumite); Cherie K. Rubiato (Gold, Women’s Kumite), and Crisaelle S. Miñon (Silver, Men’s Kata).


Cherie K. Rubiato (center) wins gold in the advanced women’s kata category


Crisaelle S. Miñon (right) wins silver in the advanced men’s kata category


Advance Men (Black) Marcial Ley T. Fronteras (Bronze, Men’s Kumite)


The successful examinees and qualifiers of the JKA-NKK Southern Philippines Group for the Dan Black Belt International Examination and Qualification held September 16, 2018 in Cebu City are as follows:


1st DAN – Racel Nathalie N. Cagulada;  Ferdinand Janus C. Sia Tan,  Maxwell L. Estabas,  Crisaelle S. Miñon,  Cherie K. Rubiato, Ann Katherine C. Gabor and Neil Seanpholl A. Santillan.


2nd DAN – Fernan P. Labrador; Arwil V. Taleon and Diomar A. Largo.


3rd DAN – Adolfo C. Mercado Jr.; Marcial Ley T. Fronteras; John Mark C. Marquiño and Erwin C. Baguhin.


4th DAN – Ernesto “Ernie” O. Naïve


The Dan Black Belt Examinations and Qualifications were conducted by Fujikiyo Omura (7th Dan) Chief Instructor JKA Thailand and Director of JKA Asia Oceania Federation; and Tomoyuki  Aihara (7th Dan), two-time JKA World  Karate Champion from JKA, Osaka, Japan.


The JKA-NKK Southern Philippines Group expressed their sincere thanks and appreciation to the following: Masanori Takahashi; Hiromi Kojima; Masayuki Iwabuchi; Tanaka Takeshi; Iwasaki Akira; Iwabuchi Yasunori; Koichi Tanaka; Ryo Yokoi; Tetsuya Tsujioka; and Konei Matsumoto.



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