Oro-based Light Industry Launches Innovative Building System

Jan 16, 2019


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A pioneering light metal manufacturing company is launching an innovative building system that aims to provide stronger, “faster to complete”, and more economical buildings for the construction industry in the Philippines.

On January 17-20, 2019, Priometal Mindanao Corporation will be conducting an open house for industry stakeholders at its demo unit located at Dove Street, Barangay Kauswagan (just across the Kauswagan Barangay Hall).

Together with its supplier-partners, the four-day event will feature an open house and exhibit from 10am-4pm where invited guests including building contractors, architects, civil engineers, housing developers, realtors, homeowners and government officials involved in the construction of buildings can have a first-hand look at how the “BahaiCO, Bahay Mo” technically named “iCO Building Frames and Functions™ are utilized in an actual building.

Rendering of BahaiCO Bahay Mo Demo Unit now under construciton at Dove Street, Kauswagan.


A “By Invitation Only” Product Presentation will be conducted for invited guests from 4-7pm daily for the duration of the event to better acquaint them with how the system can best serve their needs at a budget they can afford.

“We are introducing our iCO Building Frames and Functions ™ that integrates various innovative building technologies into one versatile system guaranteed to deliver stronger, faster to construct, and more economical buildings.” said Engr. Jeffrey Co, president of Priometal Mindanao Corporation.

Engr. Jeffrey S. Co


Drawing mostly from Co’s 18 years of exposure to the construction industry, the system has put together for the first time ever innovative products which when deployed together as an integrated unit, answers most, if not all, of the end users needs for durable, faster, and affordable buildings.

“Cast-in-place, Pre-Cast and I beams are just some of the existing technologies combined with our  iCO In-filled Metal Columns and Beams that are brought together in our building system so that it becomes stronger and durable, faster to construct, safer, yet more affordable than existing designs and concepts now offered in the Philippine construction industry,” Co explained.

The system used is akin to the concept of open system architecture in computers which allows the creation of add-on products that increase a system’s flexibility, functionality, inter-operability, potential use, useful life and enables the end-users to customize and extend their chosen system’s capabilities to suit individual requirements.

“Unlike the usual industry practice, our iCO Building Frames and Functions™ can be custom-designed by PMC to best suit the main purpose of your building, and complete construction and delivery under the usual industry standards using a combination of our various systems that is most ideal for you, and a cost that is ultra competitive to conventional building methods and materials now favored by most contractors,” Co stressed.

Among the innovative products to be introduced during the four day event are iCO Triple Furring™; iCO Meta-Jamb™, iCO Meta-Purlin™(that is pre-cut, pre-fab and pre – labeled) and iCOFicemFlus™ Doors.

“As you can see from our products, we are a company that thinks ‘out-of-the-box’, and what you see now is by no means the only products we can offer you in the next few months,” Co said. “We are conducting continuous research and development so our products are continuously evolving for the better.”

“Right now, to help solve our garbage dilemma we are currently innovating our iCO-friendly hollow blocks that recycles shredded non-biodegradable garbage and should be out in the market before the 4th quarter of the year,” he added.    

Priometal Mindanao Corp Pres. Jeffrey Co (center) inspects a work site with PMC Staff.


Co is a B.S. Civil Engineering (Cum Laude) of San Jose Recoletos University and garnered 8th place in the Civil Engineering Licensure Examination. In 1983, he founded Jaybuilders Industries, Inc. (formerly known as Cagayan Iron Works).

In 2005, he undertook a joint venture with Philmetal Products, Inc. to establish North Mindanao Steel Corporation, a roofing company (now Premier Shelter, Inc.).

In 2011, he founded Priometal Mindanao Corporation, a company of “Innovative Concepts” with the mission statement “To promote and provide innovative building frames and functions technology that is cost efficient for every Juan

So what’s next for the innovation pioneer of Cagayan de Oro? The sky is apparently the limit.



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