November 27 is National Hair Free Day!

Nov 23, 2018

by The Night Stalker

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11Am-3PM @ all Hey Sugar! Waxing Salons nationwide.


From 11AM to 3PM on Tuesday, November 27th, Hey Sugar is offering everyone an incredible pampering treat: FREE Eyebrow Threading and Underarm Waxing services in all Hey Sugar! Waxing Salons nationwide.

National Hair Free Day
 aims to raise awareness among everyone that salon waxing is definitely the better option than doing hair removal yourself at home.

Sugar waxing is fast, efficient, and best of all, pain-free way of getting rid of your unwanted hair.

Their waxing methods are renowned for being natural and gentle, but with effective and lasting results.


Hey Sugar uses high quality natural ingredients that are meant to exfoliate, moisturize and remove hair. After they create the delicious mixture, the expertly trained hands of your aesthetician pours the sugar-based wax on area—making sure that the concoction seeps into you pores to get a good grip on hair follicles and allow it to pull hair straight from the roots.

Not exclusively for Ladies Only. Hey Sugar is for Men also.

They make sure to work in small, manageable sections, and gently press on the skin as they gently lift the cooled wax. The whole process is so simple and straightforward that you emerge from Hey Sugar feeling smooth, exfoliated, moisturized, and hair-free.


Quite a difference from your usual waxing salon or DIY process. And to make the process even sweeter, Hey Sugar is giving you more reason to visit their salon and experience sugaring for yourself.

The first National Hair Free Day was held in April 2017, but since the Cagayan de Oro branch at the second floor of Centrio Mall only started September 2017, this will be the first time ever Kagay-anons can avail of National Hair Free Day.

At the start of each service, the skin is prepped through gentle cleaning using a specially-formulated ethyl alcohol which is made from pure sugar cane.

Cornstarch is then applied, which helps get rid of extra oil and gives the skin extra protection. Next, fresh wax made from 100% sugar is poured into a new cup (which is immediately disposed after each session).

No double dips: Each service is finished off with a smooth application of virgin coconut oil to help soothe the skin and reduce the chances of irritation.

Professional Aesthesticians like Steffany make sure you have a comfortable, pain free expereince at Hey Sugar.


Hey Sugar!’s aestheticians are expertly trained to answer all your questions, so feel free to have a conversation with them about what you want or what you want to know. You can expect them to be warm and reassuring (yes, even to first timers who come in with nerves.)


Everything about Hey Sugar! is designed to make your waxing experience as comfortably sweet and easy as possible.

Your new grooming routine awaits—all you have to do is #SwitchtoHeySugar today!



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