NGCP completes restoration of Lanao del Sur transmission line

Jun 29, 2018

by PR

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The Tugaya-Malabang 69 kiloVolt (kV) line serving the Lanao del Sur Electric Cooperative (LASURECO) has been successfully restored and energized by the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP)


NGCP’s Tugaya-Malabang 69kV transmission line has been bombed and pilfered since 2012. With the dedication of over 200 personnel, NGCP restored & energized the line last April 20.

Commissioned in 1995, the line has been constantly besieged by malicious and destructive acts since 2012, including bombing attempts and rampant pilferage of tower parts. NGCP’s efforts to restore the line after each incident have been thwarted by still unknown saboteurs despite the company’s restoration activities.


In February 2018, with the situation reaching critical levels, NGCP took further action to strengthen its efforts at keeping the saboteurs at bay.  NGCP stepped up its engagement with different local government units in the area, the Armed Forces of the Philippines, the Philippine National Police, LASURECO, and the Royal Sultanate League of Lanao del Sur. With their aid and support in the safety, security, and swift implementation of the restoration project, NGCP was confident of its successful restoration.


NGCP transmission line personnel also replaced 26 kilometers of transmission line conductor cables, apart from reconditioning and replacing missing or pilfered tower parts.

With over 200 of NGCP’s line heroes working non-stop, the company was able to erect 28 new transmission poles along the line, replacing the 13 previously toppled structures. NGCP was also able to replace 25,910 meters of transmission line conductor cables, recondition towers which were leaning or had missing parts, and conduct a massive clearing operation along the right-of-way corridor of the entire line.


On April 20, the company completed the restoration of the line, 25 days ahead of the DOE’s target date of May 15. NGCP is currently awaiting LASURECO to energize its own facilities and connect to the said line.


“We wanted to let the Lanao del Sur community know that we are always moving towards giving them sustainable power transmission services, despite the difficulties presented by the peace and order issues in the area.  As transmission service provider, we will go through all lengths and exhaust all means of restoring the line,” NGCP stated.


NGCP line personnel erecting 28 new transmission poles to replace the previously toppled transmission structures along the Tugaya-Malabang 69kV transmission line.

“Through the combined efforts of all our line personnel and the various stakeholders who supported us, the restoration was completed, to the great benefit of power customers in Mindanao,” said NGCP.


The company reiterates that any malicious activities that seeks to damage or cripple NGCP’s transmission lines and facilities only causes unwanted power interruptions which adversely affect communities.

You may report any untoward incidents involving NGCP’s transmission facilities by sending a message to the NGCP tip hotlines at 0917-8476427 /0918-8476427. You may also contact us through our website www.ngcp.phor our social media accounts and


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