Master Hanz Cua’s 2015 Business Investment Forecast

Jun 26, 2015


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The end of June could be a rather late day to be planning your investments for the year but thanks to the kind invitation of UCPB Cogon Branch Manager Cris Parojinog, we were among the favored few fortunate enough to be invited to their Business Briefing for 2015 held June 19 at a local hotel.


Master Hanz Cua with UCPB Cogon Branch Manager Cris Parojinog

Master Hanz Cua with UCPB Cogon Branch Manager Cris Parojinog

Our salutations to the UCPB Marketing Group led by Mr. Alex for putting together a well-received program which acknowledged both the Eastern and Western approaches to Business Forecasting.


The conventional western approach was presented by Steven S. Sevidal, First Vice President & Chief Investment Officer of UCPB’s Trading & Execution Department, Trust Banking Group. According to the brief but concise presentation of Mr. Sevidal, now is the time to borrow and invest due to a confluence of fortunate events (but that is another story).


Feng Shui Master Hanz Cua at the UCPB Business Briefing (photo by Ian Janier)

Feng Shui Master Hanz Cua at the UCPB Business Briefing (photo by Ian Janier)

Interestingly, UCPB also brought in Master Hanz Cua to present the Easter Approach to Business Forecasting using the art of Feng Shui, which has been used by Chinese geomancers for centuries to foretell and prepare for the forthcoming events, both good and bad.


According to Master Hanz, Feng Shui is an ancient art and science developed over 5,000 years ago in China. Feng means wind and shui means water. It is a system based on the elements of astronomy, astrology, geology, physics, mathematics, philosophy, psychology and intuition.  


Feng Shui Master Hanz Cua (photo by Ian  Janier)

Feng Shui Master Hanz Cua (photo by Ian Janier)

In Chinese culture, wind and water are associated with good health, thus good feng shui came to mean good fortune, while bad feng shui means misfortune.  Today, economic tigers like China, Singapore, Hongkong and Malaysia observe feng shui in building the structures, establishments and residences by consulting a feng shui master. 


The ancient Chinese were already aware of the existence of the life or natural forces which is called “氣 [qi]”. They believe that this “qi” or chi flows around us and influences the prosperity and harmony of the human lives. By manipulating this energy, we can enhance our career, relationship, health and even our business.


Feng Shui

Feng Shui

“This is what feng shui is all about – an ancient art and science which deals with the placement of buildings or other objects to accentuate the auspicious positive energies and to minimize those which are negative. This knowledge has been shaped through several centuries, but its principles are still relevant today,” notes Master Hanz.


“Whether you are in big industry or a small entrepreneur, you can always gain from the Wisdom of applying Feng Shui into your practices,” notes Master Hanz. “I’ve had plenty of important business people approach me for consultation. Conventional expertise in running your business can only take you so far. Knowing how to augment and increase your luck through positive ch’i management is a big plus that could yield much growth in your finances and improve operations in the company.


“My clients come to me when they feel that no matter how well or efficient they run their business, there is something they can’t explain that is holding them back from achieving bigger sales or affecting the operation in their work place. Perhaps a series of “bad luck” keeps happening to them. When you have explored all the logical avenues and there are still events you cannot explain or attribute to practical knowledge and science, Feng Shui Wisdom can step in and assist you.”


Master Hanz offers some general rules that may be helpful to implement in your place of business:


Master Hanz Cua hold aloft a Lou Pan or chinese magnetic compass used in Feng Shui

Master Hanz Cua hold aloft a Lou Pan or chinese magnetic compass used in Feng Shui

Look at your entrance. Whether your place of business is a store or an office, your entrance or main door should beautiful and attractive, the entry should be spacious, clean and free of any clutter to usher in both business and good energy into the establishment.


Avoid Clutter! This is a major Feng Shui rule in all business. Files, books, products and supplies should always be arranged neatly, and if possible have a storage where they can be kept. Clutter not only creates a bad impression on clients, it attracts stagnant energy that can affect the people who work there, afflicting your sales and negotiations.


Desk or cash register placement is important. In both cases, they should always be facing towards the entrance but not sit directly in front of the door.


The WEALTH area is in the far left corner of your office/store. It is good to use the appropriate enhancements (color, artwork or furniture) to energize this area. An aquarium with 9 goldfish, a money plant with gold or red ribbons or the cash box/cash register can be place here. You may also hold your business deals/planning in this area.


Energize your FAME corner (located in the South). All business could use good promotion and exposure. There are ways to energize your Fame corner; placing artwork or decor that has red or contains Fire symbols (triangles), placing a painting or scroll with a red phoenix or peacock, or putting objects and furniture that are wood (Wood element strengthens Fire).


Make sure to use appropriate lighting. Lights are often used as energizers in Feng Shui. Lights represent Fire element. They attract or raise ch’i in a room or space and influence vibrant activity in people.


According to Master Hanz Cua, 2015: The year of the Wood Sheep in Chinese Zodiac is represented by the benign and spiritual characteristics of the lamb, a gentle creature who grazes on grass and abhors bloodshed.


2015 Year of the Wooden Sheep

2015 Year of the Wooden Sheep

The Feng Shui chart has all the Five Elements (Wood, Water, Metal, Fire and Earth) in proper balance, heralding a more harmonious year. Yin Metal supports the Earth which is a resource element so there will be a boost of prosperity for our nation’s economy. The gentle nature of the Sheep will even influence local politics. Our leaders will work together more, and internal strife will decrease.

This year’s lucky color is green, which is very good for bringing luck in business. Wearing red and yellow this year is very auspicious. Wear green underwear to enhance luck! It will enhance power and influence and bring recognition luck. Those under the astrological sign of the Tiger and the Rabbit, will enjoy good fortune this year. So will the Horse, who is best friends with the Sheep.

Wear gold jewelry on your body to attract abundance and profitable opportunities.


Heaven Luck

Heaven Luck

Businesses with the Wood element will flourish. Industries that deal in textile, fashion, paper, rubber, and wood will benefit in 2015. Because Fire element is nourished by Wood, industries like restaurants, technology, computers and electronic gadgets, electrical supply, solar power and businesses that involve thinking, invention and new ideas will all be highly profitable.

North is the lucky direction in 2015. If your front door is located in the northern or Kan sector of the Bagua it is highly auspicious. Use this door often. Blue or black is the color of North, a welcome mat in this color will enhance luck.


Master Hanz Cua shows the 9 sectors of Feng Shui Orientation

Master Hanz Cua shows the 9 sectors of Feng Shui Orientation

In the Northwest sits the lucky “star of romance”, and this brings romance luck for single people; for those men already married or in committed relationship, however, the star of romance may be problematic. The temptation to stray from your partner may be strong.

While we can take advantage of the good tidings the Wood Sheep brings, Master Hanz cautions there are still things we need to watch out for:

The West Falls under the dreaded Five Yellow Misfortune Star. In the home or workplace, the Western sector is to be avoided as this brings total loss, sickness and accidents. Do not work on important projects, make renovations or sleep in this direction if possible.

Southeast is where the “illness star” is located this year. For people with illness or health issues, and for pregnant women, staying in the southeastern sector of the home should be avoided. The condition of the sick may get worse, pregnant mothers may suffer miscarriage. The Argument Star #3 Star sits in the center of the home, afflicting relationships in the family. Master Hanz advises placing rose quartz or red stone in the middle of the home to dispel conflict and aggression.


Business and Investment Forecast


Between February 4th to April 4th, 2015, investing in fashion and textile, and real estate is favorable. Between April 5th to June 5th, 2015, it is favorable to invest in agriculture and paper/rubber-related trades. Between August 7th to October 8th, 2015, it is favorable to invest in cars and tourism-related businesses. Between 8thOctober to 6th of December, it is favorable to invest in plantation and food-related businesses. Be wary of investments during the Ghost Month: August 14, 2015 to September 12, 2015


Philippine Economy


The Philippines is located in South East Asia. In this sector lies the star of illness for 2015, expect Earth related illnesses. However, more businesses will open; overseas remittances will strengthen; there will be more overseas work opportunities and the tourism industry will generate income.


Cagayan de Oro


This is also true for the City of Golden Friendship where tourism business will boom, as will earth related businesses such mining, real estate, agriculture, poultry and farming. As one of the Philippines Top 2 Competitive cities in the past two years, more businesses will open and it will be a good year to expand your business.


Since he was a little boy, Master Hanz Cua was already a psychic, blessed with the gift of reading people through their faces, and seeing through his third eye. He has earned a diploma as a Feng Shui Master Practitioner, specializing in Feng Shui, Bazi (Chinese Astrology) and Zi Wei Dou Shu (Emperor Purple Star Astrology) which decodes a person’s life path and destiny through the use of his birth date and birth time.


Master Cua has studied to sharpen his skills with Feng Shui grandmasters in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Burma and Thailand. Dubbed “the youngest Feng Shui Master in the Philippines and Asia”, Master Hanz also trained to develop his intuition and ESP. He is also accomplished in Taro-reading and conducts classes on tarot readings not only in the Philippines but also abroad.


For a more detailed and personalized consultation, or if you would like the site of your business or home analyzed by Master Hanz Cua, you may contact him at 8 Treasures, Level 1 EDSA Shangri-La Plaza Mandaluyong City. 


Phone: (+63)9228290382  

Facebook: Feng Shui Master Hanz Cua
Twitter: @masterHanz168
Instagram: @masterhanzcua



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