Kagay-anon graduates from Harvard Law School

May 28, 2016


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A Kagay-anon earns a master’s degree in law from Harvard University in the US. Kerstin Gorra Vokinger, who traces her roots to Cagayan de Oro by her mother, Marita deCastro Gorra, graduates on May 26, 2016 with a Masters of Law from a prestigious Ivy League university in Boston.


Gorra-Vokinger, 27, describes Harvard University as very competitive but, at the same time, very inspiring. “It gets the best out of people. I have learned so much not only with regard to my legal understanding but also personally,” she says.


Kerstin Gorra-Vokinger

Kerstin Gorra-Vokinger

The most difficult part was getting admitted to the premiere university.  When accepted, Harvard Law School supports its students immensely in all ways possible.  Gorra-Vokinger was impressed by the accessibility of professors regardless of their busy schedules.  Students could walk into their offices at any time to ask questions or discuss their career paths.  She found the professors friendly and accessible.


Besides studying law, she works for three professors on a project called “Global Access to Medicines,” seeking ways to make drugs more accessible in developing countries especially for the poor in the Philippines. “I consider this research very dear to me especially that I am a Filipino,” she says.


For those interested to be admitted to Harvard University, Gorra-Vokinger says that hard work and high marks are important. But even if you are not the best student in your class, it does not mean that you won’t be accepted at Harvard.  It is important to make yourself and your resume interesting and unique as possible by doing community volunteer work and pro-bono work. She wants stressed that though that the people in Harvard are not better or happier. “I have never met a friendlier and more generous people than the people in the Philippines. I am filled with pride to be half-Filipino and represent Philippines at Harvard Law School,” she says.


Kerstin Gorra-Vokinger with her mother, Marita Gorra.

Kerstin Gorra-Vokinger with her mother, Marita Gorra.

Gorra-Vokinger is also the editor of the “Harvard Journal of Law and Technology.”  Her mother originally came from Ramonal Village, Cagayan de Oro.

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