Hineleban Wins Grand Prize for Best Project at Global Climate Change Competition

Mar 7, 2015


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A social enterprise based in Bukidnon has won the grand prize at a climate change competition held in Europe late last month.


Hineleban Foundation Incorporated was awarded the the Grand Prize for Best Project in the Forestry Sector at an International Competition on Climate Change held in Paris, France on 27 February 2015.


Dr. Norma V. Llemit, Head of Project Management Group, received the award in behalf of Hineleban.


Dr. Norma V. Llemit receives the Best Project award from AFD and CIRAD officials during the awarding ceremony at the AFD-CIRAD Stand of the International Agricultural Show in Paris, France on Feb. 27, 2015.


The Agence Française de Développement (AFD) and the Agricultural Research Centre for International Development (CIRAD) launched the first international competition on “Climate Challenge Agriculture and Forestry” in September 2014. A total of 550 entries were received from 60 countries all over the world.


The competition aims to promote innovation and fast track the transfer and dissemination of technology and knowledge essential in bringing about innovative solutions for the future.


The Project highlighted Hineleban’s efforts in rainforestation on the island of Mindanao by providing livelihood opportunities to the Indigenous People, Muslims and migrants living in the mountain ranges of northern provinces of Bukidnon and Lanao del Sur.


Hineleban aim to save and bring to life the pristine ecosystems of Mindanao – some of the last remaining primary forests left in the entire Philippines. Its work is focused on reviving the watersheds and rivers, and renewing the cycle of life that would enable the healthy and peaceful coexistence among people of all faiths and ethnic backgrounds, and preserve God’s wonderful gift of nature.


The foundation is engaged in the preservation and restoration of the mountain rainforests and critical watersheds in the two provinces of Bukidnon and Lanao del Sur, and plans to scale up as well as expand in other selected provinces on the island of Mindanao.


Meaning of Hineleban


The Hineleban Logo illustrates the symbiotic relationship between man and his environment. The cycle of life and man’s dependency on the Mother Tree is represented by the human figure (representing the physical being) embracing the tree, and the living tree (representing the spiritual being, Hineleban) reciprocates by providing the life-supporting anchor for human beings.


“The spirit of the gathering and giving Mother Tree of the Rainforest that sustains the cycle of all life” ‘Hineleban’ is symbolized by an abundant Bagamumu (ficus) tree in the midst of the rainforest, swarming with bees gathering nectar.


In the Talaandig-Higaunen language, Hineleban is a sacred word (hieros logos; pamalihi ha lalang) that stands for the highest mystical Spirit-Tagulambung of Service-Leadership in the Talaandig-Higaunen Tribal tradition. It comes from the root-word “heleb” which means “the virtue to gather others towards oneself”. A servant-leader who is infused by the Spirit of Hineleban is the center of unity and peaceful convergence of communities and peoples.


“Kaliga-en” is a sacred ceremony of the Talaandig- Higaunen Tribe where in the spirit of the Tagulambung Hineleban is invoked for inspiration and infusion of the spirit. A holy festival completed in nine nights of communal rights and rituals celebrating the life of faith with chants, songs, dances, story telling, riddles, games and feasting.


The Foundation was given exclusive permission to adopt the name by the Provincial Consultative Body of the Indigenous People of Bukidnon and by PASAGI (Council of Elders)  representing the Seven Tribes of Bukidnon – a permission bestowed based on the sacred Five Pillars of Kinship.



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