Gerlou Gaane’s Retirement Party

Dec 28, 2011

by Wendy Ramos-Garcia

A Hawaiian-themed retirement party planned by KI (Kagay-anon International) top honcho, Roy, daughter, Anjanette, and son, Ryan, for Gerlou held last Saturday, July 24th was a very well planned and executed affair.  The ladies wore colorful flowered dresses & muu-muus and most of the men complied with the dress code as well.  Gerlou, currently the President of Kagayanons of Southern California and Roy, founder of KI and better known as TAPOK organizer par excellence, wore identical outfits.

The Celebrant with her one and only Roy.

After working at several firms, the last of which was with East Whittier City School District, Gerlou decided (to quote the invitation) “to kick back, relax, and celebrate the longest coffee break in her life” and bade goodbye to tension, saying hello to pension! Family and friends, of which they have legion, came from far and near to help her celebrate the big event.

Gerlou and sis Mafet Docdocil.

Lani, Wendy, Dulce and Gerli.


New York-based younger sister, Mafet Docdocil, a CIA (not that CIA, but the Culinary Institute of America) graduate flew in 2 days before the event to set up the party tables and whip up some Hawaiian dishes. Among the many family members present were Roy’s 96 year old mother, Carrie, sister Claire & Orville Willkom, Bob & Cora Gaane, Perla Gaane Emy, Tim and Nicole Wamsley. Marilou Albarda & Laga Gairanod, along with Pansy Clark, Agnes Moran & Philip Albarda came all the way from San Diego. Luminarias siblings Tex with Dulce, Loloy & Merle, and Pat & Ben Anay were there too.

The Wamsleys, Dione & Anjanette.

Orville, Norma and the Zayas sisters.

Other guests consisted of Roy’s new-found 2nd cousin, Bill Chaloner Whittaker, the Buhays led by 92 year old aunt Nena, daughters Judy Yost & Shirley Neal, Bert & Zeny Valiente, Elvin & Erica Smoyer, Rolando & Tina Abella, the lovely Zayas sisters (Beverly, Melba, Christine & Mitzi) came with their mother, Carmen. Also present were Lani Eparwa Singer, Berna & Ed Raagas, Dr. Lindy & Nellie Sabio, Rolly & Norma Navarro, Keith & Bing Venadas, Milo & Almira Alquitela, Jobags & Vely Bagabuyo, Boy & Auring Neri, Cris & Bella Cristobal, Jun & Berna Raagas, Gerry & Josette Alcoran, Brian Solis who deejayed the affair, Manoling, Luz & Darryl Docdocil, and Dion King.

Nicole Wamsley does a number.

Lilo Solis & Aaron Neri Huynh.


Gerlou’s brother Manoling set up the tables & chairs in the garden, lighted the torches and hung decorations all over the house including the gazebo where Nicole Wamsley led the prayer in Hawaiian and later did a hula number along with Claire, Emy andJudy. Food was plentiful – katsu, poi, lau lau, various kinds of salads, ceviche (kinilaw), empanada, boiled corn, yam, sweet potato and desserts galore. Anjanette prepared several games, and a raffle. Most people went home lugging prizes and giveaways prepared & wrapped by Anjanette & Nicole. Everyone was in agreement that it was a delightful party – good food, great company, perfect hosts. A very lovely way to spend an evening indeed!


Gerlou with Pansy, Malou, Laga and Agnes.

Gerly with Carmen Zayas, Carrie Gaane and Nena Buhay.

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