Exceptional and Incomparable: The Mercedes-Benz Experience

May 30, 2018

by PR


We all have a dream luxury car in mind, but nothing comes close to the unparalleled experience that driving a Mercedes-Benz can offer. 


Held in highest regard for its legacy, engineering, reliability and class-leading features, the Mercedes-Benz continues to be the trademark of one’s success.  No wonder it was once again the Top-Selling Luxury Car Brand in the Philippines and the World in 2017. 

Truly, driving a Mercedes-Benz is exceptional and incomparable, and owning this dream car is now within your reach.  For a down payment as low as Php 229,000, reward yourself with the luxury of driving home a brand new B-Class, CLA, GLA, or GLC. Plus enjoy free Chattel Mortgage and free one year insurance.Rest assured your lifestyle will be infinitely classier in a Mercedes-Benz.


Mercedes-Benz B-Class: Small, Stylish, Sporty for On-the-Go Lifestyles


Awarded with the Environmental Certificate in accordance with ISO standard TR 14062, the B-Class model is a generation of compact vehicles from Mercedes-Benz which sets clear benchmarks in two fields which are crucial to efficiency – aerodynamics and the drive system.


The sleek but space-efficient car is also an automotive engineering wonder: it proves that small vehicles can even be more stylish and sporty at the same time. The clever design of the aerodynamic and dynamic body gives generous space for up to five passengers and even more room for a huge cargo capacity.


The stylish 5-door body gives it the sporty and dynamic look, just a fitting aesthetics for its equally flattering performance. The upright design gives the driver a commanding view of the road. Inside, the richly refined cabin appears especially tailored for anyone living an active lifestyle. The rear seats, can cozily accommodate up to three passengers plus packages, from bags to even bicycles.



CLA: Seductively Engineered Compact Executive Car

With just one look you will surely agree that the CLA is irresistible. The seductive character is showcased in the shape but even more so in its overall features. It may come with a dreamy price tag but it offers indisputable value in terms of luxury, safety, and user-friendly technology.


The exterior shows off an exceptionally aerodynamic built package in a sleek and taut body further adorned with enticing curves from all angles. The modern look is sealed by the expressive sculpting, frameless door glass, and confident stance.


Under the hood, its powerful engine generates more power even while consuming less fuel with less emissions. Furthermore, the CLA is equipped with the standard ECO Start/Stop that facilitates a seamless shift to fuel economy. The Mercedes-Benz DYNAMIC SELECT system allows you to easily switch driving modes from Eco, Comfort, Sport, Sport+ and Individual which can be selected with the tap of the console button. Each mode makes adjustments so you can have the personalized driving experience wherever you go.


GLA: A Showcase Of Passion And Versatility

Equipped with an extended range of engines, targeted visual accentuation in the interior and exterior design plus updated equipment lines, the GLA sports the look of the compact SUV with a body that impresses with a sportily dynamic design idiom.


The GLA is a compact SUV that is defined on the exterior by its muscular shape, which reflects the rich SUV heritage and the extraordinarily rugged engineering, paired with an athletic stride and confident stance.


It is bold as it integrates pure passion that is naturally in the DNA of every Mercedes-Benz with the versatility of an authentic SUV.


GLC: The SUV With A Powerful Expressive Presence

The GLC excels under all operating conditions with the outstanding safety that is a hallmark of the brand, the latest assistance systems and energy efficiency.


The design philosophy behind the GLC favours sensual purity and modern aesthetics over the classic off-road look. The dynamic design exudes emotional appeal while also employing purist forms. Surfaces embodying a degree of tension and precise lines cite the clear design line followed by all state-of-the-art SUVs from Mercedes-Benz.


The paradigm shift in the area of design affects not only the outside appearance. The model change also signals a marked upgrade for the interior. The new design idiom combines sensual purity with dynamic sportiness and embodies a new interpretation of modern luxury.  In addition, a considerably more spacious interior awaits the occupants and their luggage.

The GLC only represents a departure from its progenitor – the G-Class – in terms of appearance, however. On a technical level it sets new benchmarks in all disciplines – the mid-size SUV’s off-road capabilities remain as outstanding as ever.


Visit our showroom located at Cebu Veterans Drive, Nivel Hills, Cebu City to test-drive and purchase a Mercedes-Benz today. You may also check out our car display at Limketkai Center. Lapasan National Highway. Cagayan de Oro City on June 1-5, 2018.


This exclusive offer is good until June 10, 2018 only.  

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