DOE: NECM Should Transcend Mere Energy Conservation

Dec 6, 2018



TAGUIG CITY – The Department of Energy (DOE) recently led the opening of National Energy Consciousness Month (NECM) 2018 and the DOE’s 46th anniversary at the agency’s headquarters in Bonifacio Global City.

In his opening address, Energy Sec. Alfonso Cusi stressed the urgent need to adopt a two-pronged approach of energy conservation and total electrification not only in celebration of NECM, but also as the overarching principle in realizing the country’s energy agenda.


“Energy remains to be a cornerstone of Philippine economic development. It is also very important in our daily lives. Thus, it is crucial that energy services are delivered to each and every Filipino,” Cusi noted.


“We continue to strongly espouse the judicious use of energy for those of us who already have access to power. However, we should not forget that progress should be inclusive – let no one be left in darkness, most especially those at the margins of society. Let there be light for all,” he added.


The theme for NECM 2018 is “Fostering Innovation, Resiliency and Sustainability”. This is in line with the DOE’s goal to attain energy security, sustainability and self-sufficiency at the earliest.


Among the strides made by the Department in this regard include the enactment of an Energy Resiliency Policy, the implementation of Renewable Portfolio Standards, the establishment of a Green Energy Option Program, the streamlining of executive processes, as well as measures that promote competition and promote a level-playing field for all industry stakeholders.


Moreover, the DOE is urgently pushing for the total electrification of unserved and underserved areas and the exploration and development of the country’s indigenous energy resources.


The DOE has previously called on the National Electrification Administration to undertake all necessary measures towards the electrification of said areas, which include ensuring the complete submission of the Master Plans of electric cooperatives (ECs); fast tracking the implementation of the Total Electrification Program by directing ECs to energize all households within the entirety of their respective franchise areas without exemption; directing ECs to evaluate the feasibility of hybridization as a means to lower electricity prices and ensure uninterrupted power supply; and studying other methods of extending financial assistance to ECs.


On the other hand, the DOE recently launched the Philippine Conventional Energy Contracting Program for petroleum on 22 November to reignite petroleum exploration and development activities in the country.


“I call on all the members of the energy family to heed the challenge of broadening our perspectives. We do not stop at knowing that we have the energy ability. We need to make sure that others have it as well,” Sec. Cusi concluded.


Proclamation No. 1427 signed by then President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo on 11 December 2007 provides for the celebration of NECM to coincide with the DOE’s anniversary.



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