D.T.A. for Fitness with Coach Noel Villa

Jul 3, 2018

by Coach Noel Villa

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The TRX Suspension Trainer combines bodyweight resistance training with multi-planar movement patterns to stimulate improvements in core stability, strength, flexibility, and balance.

TRX & RIP Trainer


I consider it to be one of the most versatile and effective piece of exercise equipment available which you can take anywhere. It’s light, can fit into any gym bag or a small rucksack ad comes with different anchors so that it can be rigged ready to use anywhere. 

The TRX is second to none when it comes to the following three training approaches:

Core training

Your center of gravity is located just above your hips along the midline of your body. TRX training is designed to intentionally displace your center of gravity, activating your core musculature during every exercise to help stabilize and balance the body contracting the muscle around your spine. 

Pulling exercises

TRX pulling exercises allow you to train all of the muscles involved with pulling (back, biceps, shoulders, traps, forearms, glutes and hamstrings) at once, so you’re working your entire posterior chain.

Train Anywhere with TRX


For example, while a standard seated row engages the muscles in your back, a TRX row engages your entire body to maintain form during the row and at the same time it promotes good posture.

Unilateral training

Many injuries are due to muscular imbalances. With DTA Personal Training I use Functional Movement Screen (FMS) to find these imbalances and correct the issue using the TRX or the RipTrainer.

Unilateral training (single arm or leg) is important to help identify and strengthen muscular imbalances and/or weaknesses.

Dynamic Training Approach


An easy way to understand how muscle imbalance occurs during training is the shoe lace theory. If you pull on a shoe lace on your shoe at one end the shoe lace becomes longer where the pull is coming from while the other end shortens. This is the same for our muscle. Compensation can cause improper use of a muscle.

These strains can cause pain and may limit movement within the affected muscle group which can result into injury.
In addition to training smart with intelligent corrective exercises, a simple way to avoid muscular imbalance is to perform unilateral training.
The TRX and RipTrainer are great tools for movement prep, recovery and regeneration, and flexibility training. Its versatility allows us to get a great workout whether at home, on vacation or traveling for work.

Anyone can use the TRX because it is simple to increase or decrease the difficulty of any given exercise. When training with the TRX, remember the following points:

  • Modify your body angle: Create a steeper body angle by moving your feet towards the anchor point to make most standing exercises more challenging (and vice versa).
  • Change your base of support: Widen or offset your stance to decrease the difficulty. A single leg or narrow stance will increase the difficulty.
  • Maintain tension: Keep the TRX straps or the RipTrainer cord tense to ensure the exercise is performed safely and effectively.

I recently had the pleasure and fun introducing my exercises—the old school method of “alphabets”—rather than what the individual exercises are commonly known as in the fitness industry. It’s such an under rated technique. Plus, it really surprises me that not many teachers use this method when using the TRX or any suspension trainer because everyone can relate to I, Y, T, etc. and it’s easier to remember.

Coach Noel Villa with Coaches and Mana Movement Studio TRX Family

Whatever your program may be, be it Weight Loss, Strength or Endurance Training, studies have proven that multi planar movement with weight training will raise your heart rate, create energy, and burn fat which ends up boosting your metabolism. If you are based in CDO and would like to know more about the TRX Suspension Training, check out the guys at Mana Movement Studios along J.R. Borja Extension.

Dynamic Training Approach

If you’d like to learn more about implementing fun new TRX & RipTrainer exercises into your routine or have a private personal training session to get you to your fitness goal, contact: DTA for Fitness 0908 888 2870 or visit www.facebook.com/dtaforfitness


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