Covenant for A Balanced and Healthy Environment signed by multi-sectoral groups May 30, 2018 at Gaston Park, Cagayan de Oro City

Jun 7, 2018

by PR

Following is the complete text of the “Covenant for a Balanced and Healthy” Environment signed by multi-sectoral groups at Gaston Park, Cagayan de Oro City last May 30, 2018 after the Salakyag 2018 March for the Rights of Nature.


Mutlisectoral Groups show their banners following the May 30 Salakyag March in Cagayan de Oro as a run-up to World Environment Day on June 5, 2018 (photo by Carl Cabaraban)


For A

Balanced and Healthy Environment


We, the parties to this Covenant:


Recognize the unity of all creation and the interdependence of all its components: our mother Earth, the environment, the air, the vast oceans and waters, all the plants and animals, the rich minerals and natural resources, and the whole of humanity;


Acknowledge that we are all inter-connected with one another, similar to the familial relations of the mother to her sons and daughters; that any harm done to one component of creation also negatively affects and damages the familial relation with the others;


            Believe that in order for all of creation to progress, develop and sustainably move forward, we must live in respectful harmony with all:


–        we must respect the environment and ensure its balanced and healthful ecology;

–        we must respect the rights of all our fellowmen, especially the marginalized and the indigenous peoples, for safe and secure environmental communities;

–        we must respect the rights of the future generations to inherit savor a clean and healthy world;


Have Learned that the uncontrolled and unregulated exploitation of our natural resources due to power and greed, such as extractive mining, illegal logging, unregulated fishing, and the operation of air-polluting factories and coal plants, resulted in the catastrophic destruction of lives and properties, in human rights violations committed against communities, in the militarization in the upland and mining areas, and the deprivation of a clean, healthy and safe environment for all;


            Are Gravely Concerned, just as Pope Francis pleaded in his Laudato Si, of the dire and urgent call for action to save and protect our environment and our mother Earth; of the need for all sectors, including the Church as well as the State, to come and work together to seek and craft various integrative approaches to sustainable and lasting development for the present and future generations; 


Commit to promote and pursue the path of development that ensure an economically, socially, environmentally and culturally sustainable future for all that will be reflected on all our respective goals, laws, programs, policies, projects and interventions that will be formulated and developed.




  1. To push for the suspension and cancellation of MPSAs;
  2. To uphold the ban on open-pit mining;
  3. To enact the AMMB, FRB and NLUA proposed bills;
  4. Enact bills on No-Go Zones in mining;
  5. Strictly enforce local environmental policies;


This we commit to pursue, not only in our respective organizations and jurisdictions, but more so in our own respective everyday personal endeavors. We commit to share these principles, including best practices established, to our respective families, associates and networks.


For the common good of our people today, and in respect of the rights of the future generations to come.

Heads of multisectoral groups show their signed copies of the Covenant for A Clean and Healthy Environment (photo by Carl Cabaraban)

Signed this 30th day of May 2018 in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines.


CDO Archbishop Antonio Ledesma signs the Covenant for A Clean and Healthy Environment following the Salakyag 2018 march in Cagayan de Oro last May 30 (photo by Carl Cabaraban)



Arch. ANTONIO LEDESMA, SJ, DD                     Hon. ORLAND RAVANERA          

Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro                                Chairman, Task Force Kalikasan




Ms. ROSELYN BALMES                                         Fr. SATURNINO LUMBA, SSJV   

Agro-Eco Philippines                                                 Social Action Dir., Archdiocese of CDO




Ms. ANGELIE ESCOBILLA                                   Ms. YOLANDA ESGUERRA

Balay Mindanao Foundation                                      National Coordinator, PMPI






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