BENASA ELECTED RCCDO President for RY 2015-2016

Dec 7, 2013



Communications Executive Alvin d. Benasa has been elected president of the Rotary Club of Cagayan de Oro for Rotary Year 2105-2016.

Also elected during the regular weekly fellowship of the RCCDO 5 December at Seda Centrio were the following: Paul Clarence R. Juarez, vice president; Sonny Tiro, secretary; Norman Makapugay, treasurer and the following as members of the Board of Directors: Dante M. Sudaria, Dufel Lagrosas, Michael Mendoza, Neil Que and Paul Ferrer.


Newly elected officers of the Rotary Club of Cagayan de Oro (Mother Club) pose for posterity following their election at the Seda Centrio 5 December 2013: (L-R) Sonny Tiro, secretary; Popo Juarez, vice president; President Elect Luigi Sarraga; Norman Makapugay, treasurer; Dante Sudaria,Dodie Lagrosas and Neil Que, directors. Also in photo are RC CDO Pres. Ferdie Bernasor (right) and PP Caloy Gorospe (left). photo by Mike Baños, NPM

Benasa is a long-time resident of Cagayan de Oro and started as sales head for Bayan Telecommunications before eventually rising through the ranks to become regional sales head for ABS-CBN Convergence, Inc. He is currently serving as the club’s vice president for Rotary Year 2013-2014.

Inducted as a member of the RC CDO in 2008, Rtn. Benasa gained prominence as the Team Building Facilitator of TEAM EXCEL.

During his first year to the club, he became a Chairman /Co-Chairman/and Active Committee Member of different signature projects of the club including Career Guidance, Workplace Tour and others, winning the 100% Attendance Award during his first two years with the Club.

He was awarded as Rookie of the Year of RCCDO for RY 2008-2009 and became Club Service Director during his second year during the term of Past Pres. Manuel “Manny” Along (Rotary Year 2009-2010). During the same year he headed the club’s Youth Month Celebration as Chairman of both the New Generation Forum and Rotary Youth City Officials.

He introduced to RC CDO the “New Graduates Boot Camp” which serves to guide graduating college students in their readiness for searching for a job. This project has since become one of the club’s signature projects.

For his active participation in various club projects such as the Cataract Mission in Camiguin, Workplace Tour and Interplast. Rtn. Benasa was recognized as “The Most Outstanding Rotarian of RCCDO for RY 2009-2010.”

During the following RY 2010-2011 he served as Club Secretary under Past President Dietmar V. Schug and was cited with a Presidential Service Award for his unwavering support contributing to a successful Rotary Year.  He was also recognized as one of the Most Outstanding Club Secretaries of District 3870 during the Governorship of Jaime P. Semaña (RY 2010-2011)

A Paul Harris Fellow, Rtn. Benasa headed the construction of the Cala-Cala Water Piping as one of the Community Projects of the Club (RY 2010-2011).

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