Aug 31, 2011


When Alvin D. Benasa was still Sales Head of Bayan Telecommunications, Inc. (Bayan) for Northern Mindanao, he wangled a budget from his bosses in Manila to host a live video event for the company’s top revenue contributors, key clients and partners. That event was Manny Pacquiao’s fight with Joshua Clottey last March 13, 2010 in Cowboy’s Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

The initial hosting was nothing fancy with some 30 people at a local restaurant with food and drinks and some corporate giveaways besides.

However, the increased business directly attributable to that event must have been good enough because when the Pacman’s next fight in Cowboy Stadium against Antonio Margarito on November 14, 2010 came up, higher management was more inclined to approve another hosting. This time, the crowd was bigger and so were the door prizes and premiums and the venue had been upgraded to an upscale restaurant in one of its burgeoning business districts.

“We noted there was a significantly increased volume of business arising from the goodwill resulting from this event,” Mr. Benasa noted.

Pacquiao-Mosley fightBayan guests enjoying the Pacquiao-Mosley fight courtesy of Bayan Business.

By the time of the May 8, 2011 Pacquiao-Mosley fight, upper management pulled out all the stops and invited no less than 70 of its key clients and partners to a live video hosting at the presidential suite of the city’s classiest hotel, no less with door prizes including an Apple IPad tablet and Samsung Digital Camera, among others.

On top of that, the entire event was managed by a professional organizer with no less than three side events with prizes for winners to entertain the guests while they waited for the main event and the preliminary bouts flashed on the giant 20-foot screen with matching professional home theatre audio system and in other rooms where the side events were being held.

“This is the first time we’ve organize a corporate event such as this one but judging from the results, I believe there will be many more to come,” noted Armi E. Sobremisana, president of Professional Organizers Unlimited, Inc. which was contracted by Bayan Business to professionally manage the event.

“We are hosting two of these events, the other being held in Shangri-La Plaza in Metro Manila,” said Jon T. Arayata, vice president-Bayan Business regional, the corporate and business solutions arm of Bayan based in Diliman, Quezon City, who flew in from Manila exclusively for the event.

VIP guestsAmong the VIP guests who attended the event was former mayor and congressman Tinnex Jaraula shown here enjoying the show with wife Divina.

Mr. Arayata said the hosting was part of Bayan Business “out-of-the-box” strategies to impart goodwill to its valued clients which have proved to be successful in encouraging increasing business from its existing clientele.

“We have also had other events such as the Bayan Business 2010 Executive Golf Exclusive which we hosted in cagayan de oro, Iloilo, Davao and which were even much wider in scope,” he added.

The wine-and-dine strategy for Bayan Business’ corporate events is actually part of the company’s increasing involvement in the regions with the shift in focus from consumer products to higher value and volume corporate business.

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