As Far As I Know: Martial Arts Guru Roger M. Agbulos of Cagayan de Oro by Roy Gaane, West Covina, California

May 19, 2012


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Roger M. Agbulos is from Cagayan de Oro and an alumnus of Xavier University now living in North Hills, California.

Several Kagay-anons in the United States have excelled in entertainment, painting, music, and other forms of art. Roger Agbulos who came to California in late 1989 have since found his passion in Lameco Eskrima and became a Guru of this Filipino Martial Art. He teaches Eskrima not only to Filipinos in Southern California but to also to non-Filipinos including law enforcement students.

Mini Biography by Raul E. Sanchez

“Roger M. Agbulos, a Producer and Martial Arts Grand Master, is working diligently to become Hollywood’s premiere Fight Stunt Coordinator. Roger was exposed to the Filipino Martial Arts at an early age. He decided to take the path of learning from Edgar Sulite, the head of the Lameco Eskrima group.

After Edgar Sulite’s death, he continued to pursue the Lameco primary Arts, the original DeCampo Eskrima 1-2-3 and Kali Illustrisimo. At one point, he came under the tutelage of Grandmasters Christopher Ricketts and Rey Galang. Throughout the years, Roger has come to create his own martial arts style that emphasizes on short and mid-range techniques, as well as long-range weapons combat that does not generally focus on blocking an attack but more on disrupting his opponent. He looks forward to becoming a dynamic Fight Coordinator in the Hollywood Film Industry.”

On May 12 he will be presenting a “Lameco Astig Combatives” seminar in Los Angeles, “Acquiring the physical skills of the Filipino Weapon Arts is not enough to provide you the edge in the ring or on the street. Functionality, efficiency and non-telegraphic striking based on the principle of Economy of Motion are among the strategies covered in this seminar. Areas covered to include: broken-flow combination strikes, pre-emptive strikes, counter strikes, intercepting strikes, footwork integration timing, distance control, feinting, stick sparring, knife sparring, practical hand-to-hand and empty hands vs. knife self-defense techniques, and many more.”

On May 26 he will be promoting Lemeco Eskrima with similar seminars in Madrid, Spain then in Netherlands on June 2. He has also been to South Amercia promoting this Filipino Martial Art.

Ever since Roger was responsible for the professional videos Advanced Laban Laro Volume 1 and Volume 2 for the Radisson Suites, he has established his own video production company in Hollywood.

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