Sep 5, 2011


“What’s Happening To Our Country?” is the story of an incorruptible statesman who from a small town in Mindanao rose to hold the 2nd highest position of his country but would be denied of the presidency because of his stubborn principle to be morally righteous.

Nelson Navarro, writer of 2 other biographies, former editor of UP’s Philippine Collegian, writer for various newspapers in the Philippines and in the United States with TV broadcasting behind him carefully crafted in Penang, Malaysia the biography of Emmanuel Pelaez from more than 50 interviews and 50 memoirs, biographies and historical books.

Navarro used the title “What’s Happening To Our Country?” which came out from of the mouth of Pelaez when an assassination attempt nearly cost him his life.

The book is about Emmanuel Pelaez from his childhood days in Medina, Misamis Oriental to his rise in the Philippine government from Congressman, Senator, Assemblyman, Vice President and Ambassador. But this is also the story of Philippine politics in the province of Misamis Oriental, City of Cagayan de Oro and the Republic of the Philippines.

The book is hardbound, with an embossed jacket and glossy pages. It is not a mystery novel yet gripping in a sense that you do not want to put it down until you finish it to the end.

In the U.S. the book will be launched during the concert of the first Filipino American Symphony Orchestra in the U.S. in May 16 at the Wilshire Theatre, Beverly Hills and in May 17 at the Sabang Theatre also in Beverly Hills. Both events are sponsored by the Asian Journal. If you cannot come to any of those days and is interested in the book, you may send your inquiry to this email rggaane@earthlink.net

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