Are you ready for the Ultimate Vivo Selfie Challenge?

Dec 2, 2017

by PR


Vivo, the young leading global smart phone brand which vows to bring advanced technology and stylish products to consumers, recently dominated the spotlight with the launch of the Vivo V7+.
The Vivo V7+ is a new addition to the V series and promises to be a powerful shooter with a all-screen display. Equipped with advanced technology including Vivo’s fingerprint 24MP front-facing camera and a 16MP rear-facing camera, this phone is known for its exceptional photography features, screen quality and the overall product design. 
Vivo V7+ was launched last September 20 by a roster of the most celebrated faces in Philippine show business top billed by Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla.

Vivo Ultimate Selfie Challenge Booth

Vivo Ultimate Selfie Challenge Booth

To further promote the Vivo V7+ to its audience, Vivo is mounting the Vivo Ultimate Selfie Challenge to bring the V7+ closer to the selfie-obsessed crowd by highlighting the phone’s 24MP clearer selfie front camera and all-screen display. 
The Vivo Ultimate Selfie Challenge has three levels which a challenger needs to hurdle to get the ultimate prize: a brand new Vivo V7+!
The following are the levels to beat to bag a V7+:
Level 1: Take That Clearer Selfie Shot
Level 1 The Clearer Selfie Shot

Level 1 The Clearer Selfie Shot

The challenger will stand in front of a Vivo V7+ phone unit.
The challenger has 7 seconds to pose for a clearer selfie where all he/she need to do is take a perfect selfie.
Level 2: The Lucky 3 Groufie 
Level 2 Get two more people and take a groufie

Level 2 Get two more people and take a groufie

The challenger has 77 seconds to convince 2 random people at the mall to join him/her for a Lucky 3 Groufie shot.
All three people including the challenger should fit inside the V7+ frame for the Groufie shot.
Level 3: Hold That Selfie
Level 3 Hold That Selfie

Level 3 Hold That Selfie

The challenger has to stand in front of the Vivo V7+ phone.
A random wacky picture will pop on the screen. The challenger has 7 seconds to look at the picture and imitate the pose.
After the 7 second mark, the challenger should hold his/her selfie pose and maintain it for 7 minutes!
Check out the Vivo Ultimate Selfie Challenge online at this URL.
Vivo also recently unveiled  another new offering just this November: the Vivo V7. The Vivo V7 promises to be a powerful shooter with an all screen display. 
Practically much like its predecessor the V7+ albeit with a more affordable price tag, V7 has 24MP clearer selfie camera, and an all screen 5.7-inch display. 
The V7 is the result of Vivo’s on-going effort in understanding the needs of today’s young people, as the company continues its growth trajectory and international expansion by providing stylish and dynamic products to more consumers to show off their individuality and capture memories that is worth remembering.  
Catch the Vivo Ultimate Selfie Challenge at malls near you. Beat all three levels and bag a brand new Vivo smart phone as your prize—truly the best gift anyone can have this Christmas!
For inquiries about Vivo, visit the Vivo website at or check out their Facebook (, Instagram (, and Twitter ( accounts.

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