NGCP plays major role in WESM Mindanao launch

Aug 18, 2017

by PR


The National Grid Corporation of the Philippines has helped paved the way for the successful launch of the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market (WESM) in Mindanao, a milestone for the Mindanao grid. 


Previously, the Mindanao grid experienced rotating brownouts due to generation deficiency. However, the entry of new large scale generating plants has significantly increased supply, creating a surplus and prompting the extension of WESM operations to Mindanao. With NGCP’s support, WESM Mindanao was officially launched in June.


Mindanao System Operations photo

Mindanao System Operations photo

“From its inception to its launch, we are very proud to be a part of this major development in Mindanao power operations. In line with our mandate to provide the best transmission services, we are always eager to support initiatives which will improve the grid’s power situation,” stated NGCP.


NGCP’s played a crucial role in the development of the Interim Mindanao Dispatch Protocol (IMDP). This was implemented during the transition preparation for the start of WESM’s commercial operations in Mindanao.


As part of the IMDP, NGCP developed a website for generators and load customers to submit their available supply and forecast demand. After collating the submitted data, the website enables NGCP to publish the demand profiles and Generation-to-Maintain Matrix, a summary of the daily capacity allocation per hour for each individual, for the reference and use of players in the Mindanao electricity market.


The website also allows NGCP to monitor the actual load per customer in real time, which provides NGCP real time inputs to manage the balance of supply and demand in order to ensure reliable delivery of power transmission services in the area.


NGCP also handled the installation of metering software and hardware to the market participants. At present, NGCP and PEMC continue to closely coordinate and share data to ensure the smooth implementation of the new system. 


NGCP is a Filipino-led, privately owned company in charge of operating, maintaining, and developing the country’s power grid, led by majority shareholders Henry Sy, Jr. and Robert Coyiuto, Jr.


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