El Circulo Zamboangueño de Cag...

Oct 17, 2018 by

The organization of Zamboangueños residing in Cagayan de Oro City marked the 61st anniversary of their celebration of the Feast Day of their mother city’s patroness with a mass and comida communal at a local restaurant. Luis “Chito” Potenciano, one of the head coordinators of the over six decades old association of families who originated from Zamboanga, then known as “The City of Flowers,” said the Circulo also held the traditional nine-day novena for Nuestra Señora Virgen del Pilar de Zaragoza, the city’s patron saint at the Immaculate Conception Church at Aluba Village Subdivision, Barangay Macasandig.

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One Heart for the Elephants of...

Oct 15, 2018 by

Following a recent visit to the Mason Elephant Safari Park in Taro, Bali, Indonesia, I became curious about how the pachyderms ever got to Indonesia, believing elephants in South East Asia only existed in Indochina, most prominently in Thailand. What I found after surfing the internet piqued my curiosity even more. It seems there once came to Southern Philippines a prince from a Minangkabau kingdom in Sumatra, Indonesia called Pagaruyung (Baguinda is a Minangkabau honorific for prince.) He became the leader of what eventually became the Sultanate of Sulu.

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6th Regional Competitiveness S...

Aug 17, 2018 by

The City of Golden Friendship is on a roll! Cagayan de Oro City finished better in four of five pillars at the recently concluded 6th Regional Competitiveness Summit held August 16, 2017 at the Philippine International Convention Center in Pasay.

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Customer-first investment at C...

Aug 14, 2018 by

Today’s customers act, and react, at lightning speed. They spread the word about their experience—good or bad—with comments and images captured across a dizzying range of social media platforms. Seeing that social media has become the foremost venue for ordinary people to voice out their issues and concerns, Cebu Pacific has decided to invest in a 24/7 Customer Command Center—its first major step towards revamping its services and improve passenger experience.

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Savoy Hotel Manila: Introducin...

Aug 2, 2018 by

A stone’s throw away from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3 rises Savoy Hotel Manila—a 12-storey hotel within the 25-hectare Newport City in Pasay City.Situated right across the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3, the new ‘airport hotel’highlights the luxurious comforts that business and leisure travelers look for in a home away from home.

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Cucina Higala chosen Best Mode...

Jul 27, 2018 by

Cucina Higala has again been recognized for its product and service excellence.

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