A Kagay-anon Christmas Album: Kagay-anons of Northern California Hold Christmas Party

Dec 28, 2011

by Gwendolyn Ramos Garcia

They came in droves, wearing the colors of Christmas, to celebrate the happiest of all seasons. Cagayanons of Northern California trooped to the residence of Wendy & Peter Garcia last December 11th to eat, drink & be merry.

Two whole lechons, ham, seafood & potato salad, lumpia shanghai, quiche, various desserts and drinks plus a lot of singing, dancing & merrymaking turned the event into a fun Christmas celebration that made Johnjohn Willkom comment that it was the best Norcal Christmas Party he had ever attended and that the children especially enjoyed it very much.

Instead of noting down names & forgetting some, it is best to show photos since pictures don’t lie – these pictures are testimony to the fun time that everyone had.

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